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Every note I see about those poor children makes my heart ache more and more… both for the horrifying loss, and for the way people are standing up and offering their support. This outpouring of love we’re showing for our fellow human beings… can’t we hold onto that a little tighter? Can’t we remember that feeling a little more often?

Blessed be, those children…



At least get him a sweater or something, Optimus. 

Funny how they have a hard time with the extreme cold weather on Earth… but have no problem with the absolute-zero temperature of space. lol

That’s because the temperature in space isn’t absolute zero at all. In fact, in some conditions it’s warmer than anything on Earth. Someone wrote a great piece about this, but I’ll be damned if I can remember where I read it…



I still ship it

i ship the part that’s falling with the part that’s sinking 

Welcome to Tumblr: where we’ll actually ship sinking ships.


Most tragic of the otps

Just look at how they’re being ripped apart

And there’s nothing they or anyone else can do to stop it

It’s heartbreaking

That iceberg was such a cockblock.

It all happened so fast. One second we were together, happy as ever, gliding over the water without a care in the world. The next we were being ripped apart, probably never to see each other again. 

As the iceberg tore through me I knew this would be the end; of the passengers, mine, and the love of my life…my other half’s, lives.

“Anic!” I called out, as our boards slowly fell apart, tearing us away from each other one by one.

“Yes, Tit,” she cried, desperately. I could hear in her voice that she was trying to be strong, but just as we were as a whole, she was crumbling herself. 
I felt myself being sucked into the water and I knew these would be our last words.

“I love you,” I whispered.

She couldn’t hear me over the screams and called out, asking me what I had said. But it was too late. I was going under.

I lost it at, “Yes, Tit.”



Reblogging for that fic! Omg!

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